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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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bay bridge so if you need to get to the island or off the island that will not be possible until this police activity wraps up. this is a look at traffic, a drive towards concord, no delays and it is absence of the fog this morning, so 4:29. as tara mentioned, there is no access on or off treasure island because of the police standoff, here is more on what we learned about the armed suspect. christian? >> reporter: we tried to get access to the island ourselves and we are not able to, this is about as close as we can get. that area is what we are talking about, the access road which actually leads from the bridge towards that area where the island meets treasure island near where the old guard station leads on to treasure
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island. now we have video showing the suspect sitting on a railing and police all around him. police confirmed this started as a police pursuit which started at the intersection of mason and bush. during that pursuit the suspect pulled a gun and began firing and fired one shot at pursuing officers. officers chased him where he got out of the car and began holding the gun to his own head. the suspect is believed to be 29-year-old duncan phillips and he is wanted for stealing a car in venetia. phillips is considered armed and dangerous and meanwhile residents of the island have been telling us they have been left frustrated unable to go home. >> we have been waiting for like the last four island to open up. i have to wake up for 6:00 a.m. to go to work and that's going to be really hard for me. >> now coming back to our live
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shot, we have been asking when residents will be allowed on and off the island and the best information as to when that will happen is they are telling me they will begin escorting people on and off the island and no timeline on this right now. really this is a dine familiar nick -- dynamic situation and they don't want any vehicles near there because this is a suspect who is armed want peopl that scene and there is a negotiator trying to bring this to a peaceful end and we will bring more information as soon as it is made available to us. for now christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are also following developing news in the south bay. jeanine della vague has more.
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>> reporter: they have this whole intersection blocked off with lots of police cars and there are lots of officers clustering in the middle of the road and in just the past couple of minutes they are apparently searching for something and none of those officers will come and talk to us or none of the other media. there are unconfirmed of reports where an officer was -- where somebody was shot in a car but it is unconfirmed and they are looking for some sort of evidence. we had a photographer who said he did see in one of the evidence markers a shell casing but police are very tight- lipped about what is going on here and they have an intersection blocked off and they are apparently searching for someone or something and we are hoping to get more information as the morning goes
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on. reporting live jean mean della -- jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. a 14-year-old girl was killed on her way to school. it happened as they made the turn. the 14-year-old girl was wearing a helmet. the driver of the truck stopped and is not suspected of any wrongdoing. >> the gentleman who had been driving the vehicle had actually been involved in the accident was very distraught, had come back, he is parked right down the street here. >> authorities have not released the girl's name but we learned she was a freshman and the school will hold a moment of silence this morning. later this morning a man accused of killing officer --
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an officer. if found guilty he could face life in prison or the death penalty. the man accused of killing a baby is scheduled to get underway this morning. 17-year-old fired multiple times leaving a baby shower. three month old isaac was shot in the head. they mistook the parents for gang members and a jury will most likely be selected during the end of the year. and eucalyptus oil forced many to evacuate a gym after many complainted of an odor. many complained of breathing irritation and throw the
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irritation. >> it was about 150 people in there so they had a huge pool and a lot of the clients came out there. >> eucalyptus is often used in saunas and nobody had to be taken to the hospital. tomorrow's storm could bring eight inches of rain in some areas. at san rafael, they prepared 2000 sand bags for any anticipated emergency calls. >> it is easier to have them in advance than to do it in a storm. >> if you have water coming into your house or garage crossing a street where it shouldn't, you could divert it with sand bags. it is an easy cheap fix. >> they also say we can expect power outages. now it is definitely hard for some people to stay warm in this cold weather. the help is now available for
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many people in the south bay. >> 4:36 we talked about the standoff at treasure island and let's go and see how traffic is shaping up there. this access is right near the s-curve if you are coming from the oakland side so these speeds will be at 40 miles per hour anyway if you are headed towards oakland so we'll see some slow downs there any how. just be aware you cannot get on to treasure island and christian captain will let us know when it is open. there are no delays to speak of and at the bay bridge toll plaza, no worries as you are headed into san francisco and again we'll see a little bit of a slow down near treasure island and finally 280 in san jose, traffic is flowing well in both directions. 4:37 let's check in with steve. we have some areas of fog,
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high clouds are coming in and there are still reports of fog but nothing like whatee saw yesterday. -- like what we saw yesterday. we are under cloudy skies and things are about ready to change. today will be the transition day and now we will have a cloudy gray day and we will wait for the rain to come in. a first of what takes us into the weekend. we had 30s and 40s and 50s and there is still some fog especially out to the north bay and parts of the east bay but otherwise it will be cloudy skies. we have a lot of increasing clouds taking you tonight and watch what happens tomorrow morning unless you leave at this time but it will be moving wednesday morning and that will be the first system wednesday night into early thursday and it looks like setting up for
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what could be a very wet pattern for sonoma county north and this whole system will drag right into the weekend. morning fog, a little bit cooler because of the cloud cover and still 50s and lower 60s and they are coming down and it could be a slight warm up. rain moves in on wednesday and the next system is thursday, it looks like off and on rain all the way to sunday. >> steve is getting ready, and workplace, where the bay area city stands, which one got the lowest score. >> remember the victims of the shooting, the permanent memorial that will be remembered today. here is a look at the san mateo bridge, no fog is out there and we will have more traffic coming up.
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. good morning, some areas of fog not as bad as yesterday, still a lot of pockets, increasing clouds, coming in 50s and 60s. suzanne rice is meeting with several people who has been critical of her actions. she will meet with some of her half shift critics. reportedly rice requested the meeting and she is considered a topic to replace hillary rodham clinton but if not nominated she will have to be considered by the nate. and a wreathe of roses and an american flag and a child's note marked her grave. according to the union newspaper, stevens was buried there and he grew up in speed none and was 52 years old.
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today marks 32 years old since dan white fatally shot george and supervisor harvey milk. a meeting will be held this morning followed by a march to milk old camera store. he killed milk 1978 and was convicted of involuntary man slaughter. white committed suicide in 1985. they had the first of its kind for workplace rights. human rights campaigns examined 47 criteria to protect lesbian and gay and trans denar -- transgender employees. vallejo had one of the lowest scores in the state with 53.
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last night they asked what qualities they would like to see in the next leader. they are experience being higher crime and low moral. the current chief plans to retire almost two years after he took the job. >> our reputation is still way, way up there and i think anybody who comes in and serves with our chief would be quite honored to do so. >> officials have confirmed with ktvu channel 2 morning news, that two names in particular have come up in meetings in recent weeks. fresno police chief jerry dire. hundreds who are homeless are now getting a warm roof after a bed and food to eat. they opened shelters last night and people were lined up outside the door.
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200 people were offered a rare commodity for the homeless. >> the key is housing and so if we can get people into housing as quickly as possible, the chances of ending their homelessness is very high. >> on any given night, 7,000 people are on the street and the shelter program is staying open through march. tonight topping our traffic news, still no access to treasure island and let's check in with tara. this is something we will be monitoring throughout the morning. so obviously it is frustrating to residents they will have to be escorted throughout the morning in an effort to get off if send off does not wrap up. this is through lafayette. traffic on the left side on the westbound side, no delays and
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up in marin in san rafael 101, my shot is a little bit hazy but traffic is flowing nicely on 101 and finally 680 at the sunole grade traffic is looking good, there you go, on the right-hand side there you go as you make your way towards fremont. let's check in with steve. >> thought my eyes were going there. >> sorry about that, steve. >> no, it is okay. >> we have fog horns and i looked at the camera from the san jose department, a lot of cloud cover is coming in and we are waiting for the rain to begin and there is a lot of cloud cover in advance of that. 40s and 50s on the temperatures, there is also a little more of a breeze and that will pick up later on to help stir up the atmosphere so we don't have as much fog.
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a lot of cloud cover and it will are a -- it will be a gray day. kind of lifting a little bit so a low cloud deck and higher cloud deck equals two and i think there will be a five-day spread. once we get set up, we will get a break thursday into friday and then it looks like off and on and heaviest rain will be to the north. in egypt today, police clashed ahead of a planned rally by people opposing recent moves by the country's president. protesters have been gathering since president mohamed morsi granted himself new sweeping powers. this is the same square that was the center of the uprising from former president hosni mubarak nearly two years ago. and he was trying to determine
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whether he was poisoned and samples will be given to swiss and russian experts for testing and he is buried in the western city of a foreign country they sparked a new investigation into his death. he died after a sudden illness. and the several people who died at oikos university will be remembered during a memorial dedication. students will be dedicating a peace garden. one goh is accused of killing seven people back in april. and in playersville, three of the victims and their 8-year- old son is from oakland. the car crossed into the path of an oncoming mini-van saturday night. a four-year-old in the mini have i was also -- haven't are
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-- mini-van was also killed. they are still trying to figure out what caused that crash. and a fine-year-old girl was killed by a drunk motorcyclest. novato officials agreed to construct a memorial for melody who was struck in across walk back in 2009. they claimed that the city of novato was claimed to be negligent in the crosswalk. a man was killed in prison shortly after being sentenced. he pled not guilty after appearing in court for the first time. deputy phillips, a seven year veteran with the department is accused of robbing the bank of america in balboa in san francisco. finger prints led to his arrest. we tried to speak with him outside the court but he did not have a response. >> please don't bother him.
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he will proof his up sense in court. we have no comment right now. please don't bother him. >> is he currently out of jail on $150,000 bail and he is scheduled to appear in court again on december 17th. san jose police chased away two people who tried to are rob a store. two armed men wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts walked in to story road. one of the men fired at the female owner who fired back with her own gun. then the owner chased them out of the store, nobody was hurt, nothing was stolen. now that black friday and cyber monday is over, it is time for giving tuesday. and they are participating in this new idea. the cause led farmers to
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spray police with milk.
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. welcome back, they made a bold statement fighting with police. authorities are trying to disburse the protesters using
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pepper spray and protesters used milk spray projected from ahorse. many are demanding higher prices for milk. milk is sold below production costs sometimes forcing producers to close their doors. and they are setting a record for time and space. steve kelly is scheduled to spend a full year on board the national space station. he will be joined by a russian cosmos not. they will study the effects of space and preparations for trips to mars. they fell into a large sinkhole which opened up yesterday between waller and set zero. these pictures are from a neighborhood blog. it is not clear when the
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sinkhole might be fixed. let's check in with tara on some traffic problems, tara? okay, milpitas, jacqueline road is closed from campbell to arizona area due to police activity and three schools are in that area, and also i want to remind folks there is no access to or from treasure island also due to police activity. this is a look through bay point and the traffic on the bottom portion of your screen as you make your way towards concord, up next, things are running smoothly at this hour and obviously it will not stay this way and about an hour we'll see those meet to youring lights going on -- metering lights going on and in hayward on the opposite side. 4:55, here is steve. we have areas of fog, but a
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different scenario. a couple of pockets of fog and that will lift in advance of a system which will be here tomorrow morning and we are going into what could be a substantially wet pattern for areas to the north. already wind advisories and it will be a rather dynamic system moving in so it begins wednesday morning. winds will crank up late into tonight into tomorrow and we will start a drying trend. and until next time, system is developing, warmer air, clouds in advance of that and some pockets of fog again, i don't think we'll see any 30s and wind will pick up and we will be talking about some of that rain coming in. some areas of fog and it is a low cloud deck with increasing clouds coming in and this will
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be a very wet pattern once it sets up to the north, but especially mendocino county up into the areas of this whole mess, we will do that by the weekend. morning fog a little cooler, it will be cloudy, very gray skies, low cloud deck will fall off, next system moves in thursday night and it takes us right into your weekend. 4:56 is your time. it is an idea and they are hoping charities want to participate in. tuesday will be the first tuesday after thanks giving and they are hoping they will donate to a cause they believe in. they hope it makes giving tuesday easier and for example it will be given for the
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american red cross. a small art my of police officers is on the scene of a reported shooting in milpitas. also a very tense situation continues on treasure island and police are involved in a standoff with another man that do involve your commute.
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